Vaccination in Spain is speeding up

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High vaccination readiness in young Spaniards

Vaccination in Spain is progressing so well that 60% of the Spanish population has now had at least one shot. Almost half of Spaniards are fully vaccinated. According to the first figures, the willingness to vaccinate among Spanish young people also appears to be high.

In Spain, 28,475,900 people (60%) have received at least one shot. 22,511,734 Spaniards, which amounts to 47.4%, are now fully vaccinated. The Spanish government released the latest vaccination figures on Wednesday.

Almost all people over 40 in Spain receive at least one shot

Vaccinating all people over the age of 40 is going well in Spain. 90.4% of all over 40s have now had their first shot and 77.1% of this target group has had the full vaccination.

In June, several outbreaks, especially among young people, caused the number of infections in Spain to grow exponentially. This was the reason for most regional authorities to speed up the vaccination of young people. On Wednesday evening, the Spanish newspaper El Diario wrote vaccination among young people is taking off.

High vaccine readiness among Spanish youth

The generation of young people under the age of 30 is clearly up for vaccination. Just look at Instagram and the many photos of plasters, injection locations and waiting areas that teenagers and twenty-somethings share en masse.

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The increasing number of injections among the under 30s is not yet clearly reflected in the official daily reports of the Spanish government. Nevertheless, the agreements made show that many young people in Spain are interested in being vaccinated quickly.

For example, the National Institute of Statistics reported 20% of young people in Madrid have already made an appointment to be vaccinated on the first day. That number will only increase in the coming days, the regional government expects.

Spanish young people vaccinate before the start of the new school year

Health Institute Carlos III in Spain reports the percentage of people under 30 who end up in hospital after a Covid infection is 1.4%. Only 0.1% of young people end up in the ICU. The mortality rate is also 0.1%.

Although the risks for young people are therefore very small, they can spread the virus among more vulnerable groups. Fortunately, a large part of this has already been vaccinated, so the consequences will hopefully remain manageable. The goal many autonomous regional authorities have is to vaccinate young people before the start of the new school year, thereby keeping the virus under control.

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