Spain gets first electric car battery factory

by Lorraine Williamson
Electric car batteries

The Spanish government on Thursday presented a collaboration between Iberdrola, SEAT and Volkswagen. The alliance is for the first electric car battery factory in Spain. Thanks to the project presented, Spain can produce fully autonomous electric vehicles. 

Minister Reyes Maroto of Industry, Trade and Tourism announced this public-private partnership during the 28th edition of the UGT-FICA federal congress. Spanish news site El Español said on Thursday that the Spanish government will continue to work with Iberdrola, SEAT and Volkswagen for the time being. However, it has announced it is open to more partners. 

Fully autonomous production of electric vehicles in Spain

The collaboration is part of the so-called PERTE project. Which is a series of strategic projects for economic recovery and transformation of the industrial sector in Spain.  

This cooperation and the new car battery factory will contribute to a faster transition to electric driving all over Spain. Partly because of this project, Spain will have the necessary infrastructure, facilities and resources to produce a competitive electric vehicle. Furthermore, the Spanish government wants to invest in this so Spain remains one of the world leaders in the car industry.

Agreement for a stable car industry in Spain 

Minister Reyes Maroto stresses the importance that Spain is able to compete within this sector.  And is also pleased to be able to take this step to protect the automotive sector in Spain. At least as much as possible from the vagaries of the corona crisis.

Reyes Maroto: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have worked together to protect not only the health of the population and workers. But also to ensure that employment in this sector is not lost. The social dialogue has been decisive in signing agreements. Moreover, so that we can restore this sector and lay a strong foundation for transforming and modernising Spain´s production model.”

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