Quarterfinals of Euro 2020 for Spain after spectacular win against Croatia

by Lorraine Williamson
Spain reaches Euro2020 quarterfinals

FOOTBALL – After a blistering eighth final between Spain and Croatia, Spain emerges as the winner following 120 minutes of play. After a bizarre first own goal and a second blow from Croatia in injury time, Spain manages to fight back and earn their place in the quarterfinals. 

One of the special moments during the match was Croatia’s first goal. However, the goal did not come from the Croatian corner. The ball was passed back to the Spanish keeper who went for the ball, but misjudged and went into the goal. An embarrassment for Spain who fell behind. 

Croatia deals hard blow to Spain 

After 90 minutes of play, the score was 2-3 for Spain and the Spaniards felt confident of reaching the quarterfinals. However, Croatia equalised at the last minute of injury time. This was a brutal blow and meant the game went onto extra time with the prospect of penalities if no winner.

After the start of extra time, Spain´s confidence had returned and they scored a further two goals. The final score 3-5 for Spain. Scorers for the Spanish side were Sarabia, Azpilicueta, Torres, Morata and Oyarzabal. 

Morata hits back after death threats 

Another special moment was Morata’s goal. He was the first to score after in extra time putting Spain in the lead. Morata had previously missed several opportunities during the first European Championship matches. This was pounced on by the Spanish press. Morata, his wife and children even received death threats for his disappointing performances. In the final minutes, Morata got the chance to make it 3-6, but the ball fell into the side net. However Spain celebrated another 5 goal match. 

Spain celebrates after victory over Croatia 

It feels like a real victory for Spain which can be seen in the players who storm onto the field after the final whistle. The Spanish spectators also celebrate en masse in the stands. After this victory, Spain has qualified for the Euro 2020 quarterfinals. This will be played against Switzerland on July 2 at 6pm in Saint Petersburg. 

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