Footballers break law during Semana Santa

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Footballers flout travel ban. Marcelo Instagram. Valencia Beach

Spain introduced a mobility ban that prohibits travel between autonomous regions during Semana Santa. Despite this ban, some well-known footballers have been spotted in places far away from their home.

After a messy period for Koeman and FC Barcelona, ​​it seemed better with the club lately. The Catalan club even has a good chance of winning the Spanish league title again. As many of the footballers are currently absent due to international matches, Koeman decided to rest the remaining players.

Koeman enjoys a weekend away in Marbella

The Dutch coach decided to take advantage of a few days off and took a weekend trip to Marbella with his wife, wrote El Mundo Deportivo. Nothing crazy in itself, were it not that since March 26, there is a ban on travel outside the region. While the Spanish press berate him for this trip, Koeman claims it concerns agreements with agents.

Cogesa Expats

Guedes from Valencia FC in Ibiza

News site El Diario de Mallorca tweeted photos on Monday that FC Valencia footballer Gonçalo Guedes and his girlfriend had posted while enjoying a few days in Ibiza. The Portuguese Guedes’ holiday created quite a bit of criticism, especially from a political angle.

Marcelo from Real Madrid on holiday in Valencia

Mayor Joan Ribó of Valencia not only condemned the action of Guedes, but he seized on the holiday of Marcelo from Real Madrid. A golden opportunity for the mayor to sneer at regional president Ayuso of Madrid.

Earlier this week, photos surfaced of the Brazilian footballer. Marcelo violated the travel ban during Semana Santa by flying to Valencia for a short break with the permission of the Madrid club. Photos posted on social media showed him and his family enjoying a few days at the beach in Valencia. The Generalitat of Valencia informed the Spanish newspaper El Mundo that it wants to prosecute Marcelo for breaking the law.

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